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Heimdall *looking over his shoulder*: She is a member of the Aesir and as such is duty bound to fight in this battle like the rest of us. Gerd knows what she is getting into and accepts it and everything else. Don't you Gerd?

Gerd *cheerfully*: Yup.

*Ellela question*

Heimdall: Idona?

*Idona stands and looks at a monitor*

Idona: Currently it is 90 degrees below zero, we can expect a nice balmy high of 80 below. Tonights low about 120. Windchill it is 130.

*She sits backdown*

Idun to Sir-Vin: Just be quiet, and maybe give some thought on how your going to keep your apprentice alive for the next ten days.

*Svafa shakes her head at the Irvines*

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