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((OOS: To BD and JM: Are we just officially assuming that the Skywalkers and Solos have stepped down from their government positions now?

[If not, it seems kind of silly that they haven't showed up in the RPG...]

Time for long post. ))

Assassins' Lair (Tired of typing "Underground" )

*Aren smiles at the sabaac player before heading down the left corridor. At the end of the corridor are three metal doors. She takes the far left one.

This door opens into a large room made out of pure white metal. On the other side of the room is a five-foot high half-wall. The upper half of the wall is a nearly transparent force field looking into another partition of the room which was filled with several sets of rotating racks stretching far back to the end of the room, before disappearing around a bend. The front halves of the racks are each filled with a different type of weapon or strange-looking equipment. One rack is even filled entirely with bottles.

Almost all of the weapons look recognizable, ranging from ordinary to exotic. There is an impressive array of all kinds of weapons - melee, projectile, blaster, ranged - from all over the galaxy. There are even ancient weapons such as bows, swords, and staffs. There are several groups of each type. On the other hand, the bottles and equipment - some of which are shimmering or glowing and strangely colored - look completely unfamiliar.

Aren walks to the half-wall and deactivates the force field. She types something on a panel on top of the half-wall and small holograms appear in front of the racks*

Aren: I understand many of you will want to use your own weapons. However, I'd look at what we are providing for you here first.

*She motions to the racks*

Aren: You probably can guess what all of these are. You'd be wrong, though, if you thought any of these were ordinary. I'm betting you'll find your favorite and your least favorite weapons in here. The difference is that now your least favorite weapon is probably as good as your favorite weapon. Or enchanted to do something totally different.

*She picks up two stormtrooper rifles*

Aren: Blastech E-11s. Probably not a popular choice among you assassins. *She points one at the wall* This wall is programmed to be as strong as an ordinary blaster door. This is an ordinary Blastech E-11.

*She fires at the wall. The blaster blot hits the wall, leaving only a small scorch mark*

Aren: Now for the augmented version.

*She points the other weapon at the wall and fires it. The red bolt looks ordinary, but it blows open a ten-foot hole in the wall*

Aren: Most of these weapons are powered-up, more efficient versions of things you would normally like to use, for simplicity's sake. However there are a few things in here for which the technology doesn't exist in your galaxy.

*She picks up a bulky, unfamiliar-looking hand-blaster*

Aren: For example, take this, one of my favorites. It's a projectile weapon designed to defeat high-impact armor. I can't really demonstrate it here, but if you were to shoot someone with this, on contact the projecticle would deliver a charge through the armor that only affects organic or sensitive electric materials. Say one of you were wearing full body armor. I could shoot you in the chest with this, and your armor would be perfectly intact, but your rib cage would be shattered and your heart obliterated. Or if you were a cyborg, it might make your power source explode.

*She puts down the hand-blaster and motions to the strange-looking equipment*

Aren: All that's just mundane equipment. You don't need to use it unless I tell you to, but if you do just tell the computer what you want and it will probably come up with something good. This is stuff from all over fifty different dimensions. Chances are, something you want will be there even if it doesn't exist in this dimension. The computer will also tell you how to use anything we have here that's unique.

*She points to the last rack, the one covered with bottles*

Aren: Lastly, I'm particularly proud of our poison collections. The same thing that goes for equipment goes for poison. Any effect you can think of, chances are good we have it here. Oh, and while I may not be an assassin, I am an expert in poisons, so feel free to try and use anything on me you want. Won't work.


*Through the demonstration, Riss and Celeste look somewhat impatient, having seen all this before*



*Starr watches Irvine, saber ready*

This is your test, son of Cracken. Whether you will or will not be useful to me shall be determined here.

*The stormtroopers preparing explosives lob several thermal detonators at Irvine, now that he had cleared the hall of their comrades*

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