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Well, well. The release is out and the n00bs start rolling in.

How... lavish.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sabretooth. The whacked-out mind-changing paranoid with multiple identities.

I don't sell bananas.

I hang out in many places, especially the Swamp. Also, look at my fanfic if you feel like it.

I don't sell any other fruit.

My speciality here is my old-fashioned desktop and my quality of being the.. ahem... AUTHOR, CREATOR, ORIGINATOR AND FIRST READER OF THE OFFICIAL SWAMPERS' LIST!!

I've been thinking of a TaunTaun Slicers' list, but nobody's too unique just yet...

Oh yes, don't send me spam or salesmen or I'll hurt you with my flying hanky power.

Thank you.

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