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Originally posted by Iceman_IX
$100 a month for a server? I've heard you mention that multiple times. Should be able to get a decent server for less than that, unless prices have skyrocketed lately. I guess prices rise that high for such large numbers (above 40?)
The average going rate for a "quality dedicated server with metered 2 megs of bandwidth" is about $250.00

This price is the average for stable data hosting centers, with quality bandwidth, with you providing your own server and co-locating it there.

I know there are fly by night "game hosting centers" where you can rent a "virtual server" which is actually sharing a server with many other clients. Many of those places underestimate the price of real bandwidth, and are out of business rather quickly.

In my opinion, building your own quality server our of true server grade parts, and co-locating at rock solid data center, where you and only you have complete control of your server, provides the best experience.
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