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Is Hoth unbalanced?

Anyone ever see the Rebels win on Hoth? I know they lose in "reality" but I have played 2 full rounds on Hoth and a few near-full rounds. Every single time the Imperials have decimated the Rebels. The AT-ATs are dominant (there are 2 of them max I think. One would be too few) and people don't know how to use the Speeders. But anytime they get close, I generally rocket the speeders. They seem to die in ~2 hits. And AT-ATs slaughter infantry (there aren't any other targets they can hit) so the speeders have no support.

Is it just that so many people don't know how to use the Speeders and they don't have infantry support or is the map generally unbalanced? Maybe the Rebels should have some gian speeders and/or X-Wings/Y-Wings to use as well. But not too many

Or have my experiences been extraordinary?

sidenote: I find that continuing play for long periods of time is tough because you get dropped from servers so often and the mechanism is that you have to relog onto the server every time you complete a round, resulting in a lot of cooldown where you aren't playing.

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