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((this is where I make him interesting

deac: well darnit, i want to get RH Irvine to get out of where he is too))

Assassins' Lair

Sabaac-man "I'm satisfied. Computer, ES90."

((hope you don't mind
and thats another name for p90))

*A light turns on over a far rack.*

*The Sabaac-man walks down and picks up a very 'Earthly' like SMG. He analises it, and picks up another, pair of slings that he jerry-rigs for them and additional ammunition.*

Sabaac-man "Computer, reverse sctimar, silver with a diamond edge, no enchancments or augmentations."

*another light shines and he promptly walks to it. He examanes it.*

Sabaac-man "A broadfaced blacksmith's hammer."

*and yet another lightnearby, and he picks up the hammer.

He then removes the leather covering on the hilt. And slices his left hand with the blade, while holding it with his right. He lowers the sword towards the floor, crouching now. The air around his right hand beings to heat up, and suddenly the blade glows red. With his left hand cut, he drips blood along the length of the blade.

Shortly after, he pulls off his mask and opens his mouth, showing a set of fangs, he rips over out with his left hand, and places it on the heated blade. Then he takes the Hammer, and slams it on the tooth.

The tooth didnt shatter, but rather fuse with the blade itself. As he removes his right hand the blade glows on its own, then slowly fade.

He picks it up and stands, finds a sheathe, and attaches it to his belt.*

*facing the 'group' now, without his mask, his face looked as if he had two sets of tattoos on eatherside, like red flames going from under his ear to his cheeck-bone. His eyes were yellow and a bit longer virtically. His ears were a little longer then a human's and they went to points. Other then that he looked like a normal human, but the blood on his hand and slightly from his lip, those whom had the sence of smell it pick it up, he was clearly not human.*

Sabaac-man "Who's my target, where is he, and how am I getting to him?"


((I think i did say somewhere that Irvine was a very compident fighter...))


*Irvine sees the incoming thermal detonators*

Irvine "You got to be kidding me."

*Irvine force pushes them back at the stormtroopers, which promptly explodes them and their prepating explosives...*

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