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((OOS: Hal is both right and wrong, since these Sith predate Exar Kun [who just as an example, had a blue lightsaber], and thus would not have developed the Force-synthesizing technology yet in their original bodies. If I recall correctly, of course.

Of course their new lightsabers (except apprentice's sabers) would all be red, with the army taking advantage of superior technology.))

*Answering WH Irvine/Cracern*

"Weren't you just calling somebody uptight?" Misae retorted. "And it sounds like you do have the same name. Except you," - she pointed at WH Irvine/Cracern - "took your father's first name plus a misspelling of it, and you," - pointing to RH Irvine/Sir-vin - "took your father's last name. Which is kind of funny since neither of you supposedly knew him."

"Anyway..." Raschel cut in. "Don't you two have nicknames or something? We can't keep calling you both Irvine. It's confusing."

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