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((OOS: BD: Ahhh. Didn't remember. Actually, I should have asked that in the discussion thread, but wasn't thinking at the moment. XD

Scar, actually he was interesting already. Now he just reminds me of your Voradorian vampires/Forgotten demons.

Also, a couple errors in the post which are my fault:

The racks can light up if you want, but you're not supposed to walk over to them. The racks are made to rotate to bring you the weapon you order if it has it. (i.e. don't ask for a banana pie cannon, it won't happen. )

Earth weapons are fine but they would come from the back room that the racks lead into. [UNLESS your character is from an Earth dimension with that weapon in it AND Riss and Celeste and/or Aren knows this. The answer is apparently no, so see previous.]))

Assassins' Lair

Aren: *to Gamma* Help yourself.

*to Sabaac-demon-man* Hey, if you want to take the time to forge your blade all over my floor, you can take the time to let me finish my tour. You'll have to wait just a bit longer...

*She checks off her fingers*

Aren: Weapons, check. Armor, next, then Sim, then Transport, then I'll let Riss and Celeste get you up on your actual business.

*She steps back out the door and opens the next, the central door of the three. It opens up into a similar but larger room to the weapons/equipment room.

Half the room looks as if it could double as a dressing room. Strange, spidery droids are attached dormant to the walls. One section of the wall is colored metallic gray instead of white and indents inwards. It is covered with machinery.

On racks are sets of body armor. Some racks hold jet packs of various designs. Some have wings, some not, some even have no visible means of propulsion*

Aren: What I said for that other room goes for this one as well. You want something, tell the computer the features you want. Oh, and no matter what it looks like, everything here is either a better class of armor or has better shields than anything you could normally get for personal wear in this dimension. Not to mention some neat little effects that your dimension somehow gets along without, like augmentations to automatically protect you from the environment or...poison. I won't bore you with more details. The droids are to help you put something on if necessary.

*She points to the metallic gray machinery-filled section*

Aren: Cyborg augmentations. Permanent or temporary, or add or enhance what you already have if you have anything. Can pretty much put in or on you some cyborg version of anything you have here. Plus, it can work with what you've already got, if that's what you want.

Any questions?



*The area is cleared of enemies. Starr walks over to Irvine, stopping several times to carve up small, jagged pieces of stormtrooper armor and tucking them into his own armor, under the belts he had emptied killing the Vanguard*

Starr: Very good. Perhaps there is hope for you after all, son of Cracken.

*He enters one of the side rooms and quickly accesses a terminal using stolen access codes*

Sloppy. There, found it.

*He heads back into the corridor*

Starr: The bridge is at the very end of this corridor, though double blast doors.

*He suddenly ignites his saber.

At the end of the corridor, two side doors open and more stormtroopers pour in*

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