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I am really worried the empire will start getting their butts handed to them.

After only a few days out, people have figured out how to fly the speeders already. There is very little that can shoot a guy down who knows what he's doing. The thing can go very very slow to fire the cable, strafe troops,...and then speed up real fast as needbe. The going from fast to slow is crazy it makes it really tough to target a speeder pilot who knows what he's doing.

I have yet to figure out what on the battlefield can shoot a speeder down. The Empire has no air power themselves, and the groundbased targets track way to slow to shoot a speeder.

I think it is all balanced really well, but the Empire is in deep doodoo if I'm right abou the speeders.

And what benefit does the Empire receive from blowing up the shield generator? Is the shield generator a spawn point you lose or something once it blows up???? I'd love to know that
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