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In-Game-Browser: That`s how it should have be

We all know the session browser is pathatic. I personally never seen anything worth, i mean that by looking and by funtionality. To me it looks like Pandi rushed that one in the last week before the game went gold.

But - Pandemic CAN DO IT BETTER. The already proved it. I'd like to show you a screenshot of a 4 years old game made by Pandemic, Battlezone 2, released Nov. 1999.

Look at that

and tell me why they didnt do it like that ? It has filters, it gives you all the info you need, it works brilliant and you can click a session while its refreshing and querring servers. Just perfect and imo very nice looking.

Btw: In BZ2, when you join a session from the in-game-browser, you are bought to a chatlobby. Its a cool feature, all joiners meet in this chatlobby and prepare for battle. The host has to click the "Start" button when everybody is ready and can even lock the session afterwards. Very cool that is, i would really like to see that for BF aswell.
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