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I am going to reserve judgement until the first patch comes out. --For all of you Pandemic proggers ghosting this board, a 6 little patches over the course of 6 months is a lot better than 1 big one in 6 months--

However, there are two unforgivable sins that will prevent me from rushing to buy the next title Pandemic releases.

First, on the outer backwall of the Cantina in Mos Eisley, some idiot painted a pipe on the wall texture. Thanks for the nostaliga, I haven't seen that level of graphics since ... DOOM? possibly Quake. What a Moron, find that ass and fire him.

Secondly, the interface seems to have been developed by some accounting software programer that has never seen a video game, but has had one described to him once. Particularly, the online menus. Perhaps this will be corrected in a future patch. But to have to redesign your front-end after the release seems half-assed.

As for map size, net code, alternate player types, weapon strenghts and all the other complaints I've seen, the community will correct these and it will do so with or without the support of LucasArts or Pandemic.
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