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Perhaps you should also copy the rules from the other RPG forums and post them here. Or perhaps i could do that if i weren't so lazy. Allright, i'll do it.

By the way, what got Yaeb banned this time? Is it for good this time?

EDIT: alright, here it is, shamelessly copied from forums:

What this forum covers is simple, and you probably already know it if you read the forum description.

Despite the name "Star Wars Roleplaying", you can roleplay in any universe here. (LotR, Matrix, something new...) If you look at the threads around here, you should figure that out pretty quickly.

If you've never started an RPG before, it's pretty easy. Just post a setting for the story to happen in, a character for yourself (generally), and any special rules or guidelines, and you're all set.

General Rules

1. First of all, this forum is part of the Battlefront Community, so everyone is obliged to follow the overall forum rules and code of conduct for the community. Although, of course, your fictional characters do not.

2. Threads discussing RPG issues are allowed, but not threads advertising other RPG sites, or general threads that belong in The Sliced TaunTaun or other SWBF forums. Such threads will be closed or moved to the appropriate forum.

3. Don't spam, please. Spam is basically that which has no point or does not contribute. Spammy threads will be closed. Spammy posts will be edited or deleted.

4. Try not to double-post. It clutters up the thread. Use the Edit button to add in new thoughts. Double posts may either be merged or deleted (if they're duplicates, and there's too many of them)

RPG Guidelines

There are two main types of roleplaying (RPGing): rules-based and story-based. In rules-based RPG threads,
the Game Master decides the outcome of fights and what not. Ex: You cannot say you shoot and kill another player character, say you shot at him/her...then the GM will decide.

However, in a story-based RPG,
the person who starts the RPG just makes rules for it, not decide the outcome of all fights; however if problems arise, whoever started the RPG is still in control.

Who decides which kind of RPG a thread will be? Why, the person/people who start/s the thread, of course. But regardless of which type it is, certain rules always apply:

1. No godmoding. This essentially means:

Originally posted by obi-wan13
"I am all-powerful, all knowing, omnipotent being and I can whoop everything on Earth"

This applies to things as well as beings. The only time you can do this is if a thread is made in which it is specifically allowed. Otherwise, it can ruin an RPG. If this happens, it will either be ignored or deleted upon request.

2. No character control. This is a special category of godmoding. Do not control what someone else's character does, says, or thinks. At least not without permission, preferably prior. Without such consent, this is godmoding.

3. Follow the thread rules. You know the first post of an RPG? Usually the thread-starter will post rules there. Always read them. Also keep in mind that if the guy/girl (or group) in charge of the thread has final say in what is godmoding and what isn't. Of course they're not infallible, but it's their RPG. If a group of people is pretty much running a thread, as sometimes happens, then try to work things out nicely. No flame wars.

4. Please participate. Stories die if no one does anything. Don't post once, then leave. Likewise, it's not terribly courteous to just vanish in the middle of a story for no reason. Stories die without the storytellers.

5. Finally, and most importantly - Have fun!

Feedback is both welcomed and desired. ^_^

Pared this down a bit - Redwing

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