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*Once everyone had grab gear and was seated Heimdall presses a button and the ramp raises. He then takes a seat by and whispers something to her that causes Svafa to smile briefly.

The bay door opens quickly and silently. Once open the transport speeds away. As soon as the transport cleared the door it again closed letting in only a small amount of snow.

The transport flew over the snow covered landscape, throwing up a white cloud of snow in it's wake. The ride was smooth, and the lack of windows gave no evidence to termendous speeds that they were travelling at.

After about thirty minutes there was a small bump as the transport came to a fast halt.*

Male Beserk: We are here. Ahead of schedule I may add.

Heimdall *standing*: Thank you.

Beserk: We will be back in five days, or earlier if necessary.

Svafa: We'll be waiting.

*Heimdall walked to the rear of the transport and lowered the door. He steps out into the snow and sinks a little, his breath was eaisly visible, but despite the cold weather his armor kept him comfortable, not to warm or cold. Heimdall scanned the horizon turned and reentered the transport.

Idona, Svafa, and Idun all stand and open overhead compartments revealing packs. They began pulling them down and setting them outside the transport. Gerd helped as much as she could, and when Heimdall returned he also provided a hand.

In a short order there were enough packs outside for the entire group. Once the group was competly out of the transport, it turns and races off in a new direction leaving the group in a vast plains of snow.

Idona walks over to the pile of packs. Her steps crunching in the snow.*

Idona: These packs contian water enough for a couple of days. After that we will use the snow for refills. *She crouches by one pack and pulls a tube* You drink through here, just clip it to your collar and you can drink whenever you want. Remember to stay hydrated. Each pack has enough food to last one person five days, they also have a first aid kit, light, fire starting gear, a rudimentary mess kit, an entrenching tool, a fixed blade knife, toiletries, and some other items. Grab a pack and lets get going.

*Idona picks up the pack she knelt next to and slings it over her shoulders. She adjusts the straps so it sits comfortable, and then clips the water tube to the collar of her armor. and waits for the others. Heimdall, Idun, Svafa do the same. Svafa helps Gerd to get hers situated and adjusted.*

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