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I have the new DVD's and I have the 1997 Special Editions on tape. I meant that I don't own copies of the ORIGINALS (1977-1983) to see how its been changed.

If you mean it's been changed since the 1997 SE's, then I should be able to make it out.

I have NOT watched all three movies straight through, only skipped around and watched the bonus materials and audio commentaries, so I could have missed something.

I'll check it out, thanks!

Update: You're right, it's subtle, but definately different. I'll have to re-watch the scene in question to see which one they used (I assume it's the first one on your mp3 file there). I wonder if that's an alternate take or a re-recording?

Edit: Okay after listening to them, it sounds like the first "take" on that mp3 is the one they used on the DVD. It's not just Vader's voice, but the entire track sounds "lighter" in the first version, but more muffled (or more bassy in the second). I'm not sure what it is, if they just cleaned up the sound or if it's an almost perfect alternate take.

Edit 2: After listening to more of the lines I think it's just the soundtrack in general. Some of the lines are treble boosted so they sound cleaner but hissier than before. So the "muffled" lines sound better, but the lines that were fine before sound odd.

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