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This is basically what I replied with in the other thread you posted this on.

1. The game's pace is too fast.

I realize that the trend in first person shooters is to make them frantic and have things whizzing past at all times, but it does not work well for Battlefront. The excessively fast pace of the game is basically turning it into "Zerg Wars." Twitch reflexes and who can strafe the fastest with the least lag are much more important at this speed of gameplay than strategy, formations and coordination. Keeping the otherwise exactly the same and simply lowering the players run speeds would dramatically improve gameplay and cause a lot more cooperation because you'd actually have time to see what your allies are planning to do and how they plan on doing it. Battlefront currently has a lot of the feeling that Super Mario Bros has... sprinting, jumping and throwing out fireballs (or lasers) as fast as you can. I agree that cooperation and teamwork can take place in this game to some extent, but not nearly as much as would be possible if the pace were simply slowed a bit.
I partially agree with this. While I don't have a problem with "twitch reflexes" (another word for insane aim ) I do have a problem with 'Strafe Wars' which are decided more on lag rather then skill and tactics.

The speed at which the characters strafe and backpeddle is faster then other recent games such as the new UT and BF games. I think since this game was also devolped as a console game, they were given faster speeds to accomodate that audience. But, IMHO, on the PC version it would be appropriate if strafing and back peddling speeds were reduced somewhat (though keep foward speeds the same).

This would also help the weak nature of blaster guns. Since the travel speeds on those weapons are some what slow, anyone starfing like madman is extremely hard to hit.

This added with improved blaster damage, would go a long way in improving long term gameplay IMO...and at the same time give the game more of a Star Wars feel.
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