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*Sir-vin walked closely behind the Aesir, not saying a word. With his eyes only being the only seeable portion of his face even without eye protection, they remained open, he kept a stare ahead of him toward their destination, like he wasn't really following the others, more like he knew the way he was supposed to go.*

*Cracern was a few members behind. looking at Sir-Vin through a pair of goggles that the survival clothing came with...*

Cracern 'Irvy's presence, odd, why does he feel so serious.'

*He looks at Matt*

Cracern 'More then likely he's keeping himself aware, or if anything mentally preparing for that battle coming up. He claims that he trained more on mental discipline, but not only on Matt but himself, but what amount did he mean? He certainly didn't like Hal wanting to help Matt out...'

*Cracern now walking through knee-high snow, even when its a path that the people infront of him had created.*

Cracern "Damn this is a heck of a stroll. This is why I don't usualy enjoy winter.."

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