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*Cracken's eyes shot open, and he sat up, surprised at the fact he was alive. He looked around, and quickly shut his eyes. Whiteness flowed around him, almost blinding him. His eyes quickly focused, and he looked to the source of the voice.

This... girl... seemed familiar... who was she? what did she want... more importantly, where the hell was he? His mind was a clouded haze, but in the few minutes he was concious, he began remembering certain things....

Alysara, his daughter, had decided to fall, his son, torn between the two sides of the force, weak and pathetic, his apprentice, Starr Hailfire, he entrusted him to rule over the Empire in his abcense. He tried to remember where he last saw his apprentice.... a name floated to the top of his head... Korriban. *

Why am i here?

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