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Survivors of Taris

((Alright I will set this rpg during the game Knights of the Old Republic, and I will go out on a limb here and say that most of the people that play on these forums have played and beat KoTOR. For this rpg just the normal rules, no godmodding, try and make good posts, the usual. Make a character to. Its fine if you use some of the games NPCs to, just not ones that were killed or might have been, like Davik, or the gang leaders and what not.))

Darth Malak has just bombed the planet Taris in order to destroy the jedi heroine Bastila. The Sith battleship 'The Leviathan' nearly destroyed the entire planet with its powerful turbolasers.

Name: Drake Green
Age: 26
Species: Human Male
Description: Red hair, green eyes, grey jumpsuit, black boots.
Bio: Drake grew up in a life of crime and eventually started working for Davik as a hired gun.

Drake was watching a prisoner at Daviks estate when it all happened. He was leaning on the wall outside a prison cell when he felt a large rumble. Suddenly he heard large crashed and another rumble shook him to the floor. He got up and ran across to the other end of the hallway and looked out a window. To his horror he saw large red beams coming from the sky destroying everyhting in their path, turbolasers. Everything was starting on fire and their were explosions everywhere. Another turbolaser must have hit their building because he was sent flying to the ground and he hit his head.

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