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*The Girl's face brightens*

Girl: Good, you do remember.

*The Girl waves her hands and three flickering images appear.

One image is of Starr and (RH) Irvine, fighting their way through stormtroopers on board the SSD Vigilance. The second image is of Fused Irvine in an Imperial Shuttle, a gleam in his eyes, sorrounded by the blue tunnel of hyperspace. The third image is of a sleeping Alys, floating in a translucent cube in another expanse of whiteness*

Girl: You promised your son you would kill his impostor...

*A final, central image appears, showing Cracken and the red-haired Irvine on Korriban*

Irvine: I have to ask. *The image flickers, obscuring sound for a moment* a clone of myself *flicker* it has *flicker* somehow become more powerful then I am *flicker* he might be almost becoming equal to *flicker* your potential. *flicker* What is to be done with him?

*A final flicker as Cracken turned to answer in the image*

Cracken: He will be dealt with. Personally.

Girl: I've come to ask you to fulfill your pledge. Kill your son's impostor. Kill "Fused Irvine". Promise this and...I will grant you and your daughter your freedom.

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