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Girl: You are the most powerful of the Sleepers, destined to play the leading roles in the Second Apocalypse, which is still only on the horizon but drawing ever closer. I took it upon myself to bring you here when you almost died and kept you here where your power could grow exponentially.

*She flicks her hand* Your daughter. *The cube holding Alys appears next to them, and dissolves, leaving Alys free-floating, looking peaceful, still asleep*

Girl: Let us rearrange the terms of our relationship, Lord Cracken. You and I both value Order. This other Sleeper is about to bring unparalleled Chaos to this galaxy. I will not abide this, and I'm sure neither will you.

Remember I still hold the keys to expanding your power. If you want to return here you are free to do so. But I will no longer hold you here against your will. Just fulfill your promise. Kill your son's impostor.

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