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*Cracken stares at the girl, and at inhuman speed, draws his lightfoil and brings it to the girls neck*

Betray me, and so help me, I promise you on my fathers grave...
*Cracken's voice becomes strained*
I. Will. Kill. You.

*He Lowers his lightfoil, and flexes his muscles*

Bring us to Starr and Irvine. I will need a ship, and they are on what I require. *He looks at Alysara, sleeping. He moves to her, and shakes her awake*

Alysara, it's time to go.

*Alysara grumbled something, and turned to see her father. Her eyes beamed and she hugged him*

Alysara: Father!
Cracken: It's good to see you, but your brother and Starr are in danger, and we must hurry.
*Alysara's face grew serious, and she stood up*

Alysara: Then let's go.

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