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SSD Vigilance

*Starr uses an illusion to mask himself cutting holes through the first set of blast doors, then is forced to drop the illusion thanks to the continuing onslaught of attackers. He could feel the void in the Force getting closer.

Then the double blast doors to the bridge opened of their own accord.

Admiral Luthen was standing there smiling confidently, ysalamiri around her neck. Around her were other racks set up holding more of the Force-voiding creatures. Four Vanguard stand by her, weapons ready.

On the far side of the corridor, five Vanguards walk through the half-demolished blast doors. Their armor looks patched, and parts look new and parts look worn.

Luthen: *to Starr* No ship bits to throw at us now, Lord Hailfire? As you can see, you failed to do more than disable my men. You did manage to nearly kill one thanks to a weak spot in the armor, but no matter, I still have plenty more.

*to the bridge communicator* Hailfire and Cracern have arrived here, Supreme Chancellor Darkstar. You can witness their execution yourself.

*Standing just outside the boundaries of the Force void, Starr whips out the pieces of stormtrooper armor he had carved up and hurls them at the ysalamiri. He manages to hit only one before the Vanguard block his targets and he is forced to dodge from the others firing at him from behind*

*Luthen motions to the Vanguard* Kill him.



Girl: Very well. But remember what I told you...

*The white world folds back around Cracken and Alys, and a more material world folds itself around them. The two find themselves on the bridge of the SSD Vigilance.

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