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*Cracken and Alysara pop into existance infront of Irvine and Starr. Alysara upon entering, felt faint, and stanggered a bit. Cracken noted the Ysalimari, he could feel the void of the Force around him.*

Cracken: Get down, if you value your lives, and catch Alysara Starr, she's missed you.

*Cracken closed his eyes, and concentrated. An aurora began to form around him, and suddenly, his eyes opened, and a searing white was where his eyes used to be.

He flexed his arms, pointing to each of the Ysalimari racks, blowing them to pieces, Ysalimari bits flying all over the bridge. He pointed at Admiral Luthen, and the Ysalimari around her neck exploded, sending guts all over the Admiral's head. The glow from his eyes faded, his eyes coming back to normal, the aurora still there.*

Cracken thinks: Damnit, i can't control it very well... I need to keep this all in check before I lose it....

*On the outside, however, it looked like he was in complete control*

Cracken: Now, you can surrendur yourselves to me, and i take this ship, or you can forfit your lives. Choose.

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