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Cracken: Fools.

*His eyes turn white again, and suddenly, the concussion blasts stop 5 inches away from Cracken's body, and he smiled. He could get used to this.

He reached for his lightfoil, ignighted it, and used the Force to push all but 1 of the vanguards down. He rushed at the one he didn't target, and slashed at it's head. Turning, he knocked the one he slashed at down with his free hand, and quickly pointed to another Vanguard, who recieved a white ball of energy to it's gut, knocking it back across the bridge. Another ball left from his hand to another Vanguard, knocking him down as well.

All this happened in under 2 seconds. He considered his options for the other six. Ultima would annihilate everyone, which was very bad. This orb power was usefull, but he needed a mass kill on a slightly lesser scale than Ultima.

This thought was interuppted by one of the Vanguard that was in the hall way, who charged him. He parried the staff with his lightfoil, and grappled with him, breaking it's arm, and then placing one of his white orbs directly into it's face. Another came form behind, and tried to choke him, but Cracken dissapeared, only to reappear behind him, and Cracken aptly sent another orb at the unfortunate Vanguards head. Four more to go...*

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