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*Cracken smiles* A weakness. time to exploit it.

*His eyes narrow, and the deck plates rip up, rising. Cracken smiles, and laughs. Suddenly, 2 of the deck plates rush at the Vanguard, one deck plate smashing a Vanguard in the head, the other in the gut. More Deck plates rise, as Cracken sends them flying at the Vanguard at inhumane speeds. Two more get hit, one in the neck, the other the chest.

Cracken turns quickly, dropping his light foil for a brief second, to face an Vanguard sneaking up on him. He grabs at the Vanguards head, and snaps it's neck. Anotehr comes up from behind him, but Cracken sensed him there already, and placed his right foot into it's head. This was far to easy...*

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