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SSD Vigilance

*Three of the four Vanguard hit by deck plates are crushed and stop moving. The fourth is hit in midair jertpacking by a glancing blow and is sent spinning off but recovers. The fifth with the broken neck drops to the ground. The sixth staggers back from the blow to the head.

The recovered Vanguard goes after Starr. He focuses his power on one of the deck plates Cracken had uprooted. Following his master's example, he sends it flying at the Vanguard. Unfortunately, it teleports away just before it is flattened against a wall, reappearing across the room.

The sixth Vanguard recovers and imitates its partner, teleporting several yards away and firing missiles from its wrist launchers at Cracken. It takes to the air to avoid deck plates at the same time as it teleports again.

The last Vanguard stays on the floor, energy coursing around its suit*


Blade Ship Inquiry, Ulna Shardes Space

Nereli: There should be no Executioner programs active in this galaxy...

Blade: Trying to locate the signal, Sai.

Nereli: Good. After you locate it, order it to suspend. See if it responds.

Rwos: Could this of those Vanguard? They were built off Executioner technology...

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