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*Cracken stops the missle with the Force, and turns it around, and using the Sleeper energies, sends it rocketing at a Vanguard that reappears, exploding right in the happless victims face.

Cracken teleports behind the Vanguard that was glanced with a deckplate, and slams his foot ito it's back, then teleports infront of it and punches it in the neck, crushing it's neck.

Alysara shook her head, just in time to see a Vanguard sneaking behind Starr. She focused all her hate into the Force, and rushed at the Vanguard, knocking him to the ground. She raised her foot, and with lightning speed brought her heel down onto it's neck. She smirked.

One more Vanguard was alive, the other was still twiching from the blast Cracken had sent at it before. The Vanguard foolishly rushed at Cracken, who sidestepped, and thrust his fist into the Vanguards gut, followed by an Elbow to the back. He could hear the back spine breaking; convinced this one was dead, he reached for his lightfoil, and pulled it to him.

He turned to the Admiral, and gave an evil grin*

If you want me dead, you'll have to try a bit harder than that.

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