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Stripped of her armor, Marin rapidly began to feel the effects of the freezing weather. Hurridly she began to morph.

Her skin turned white and rough in texture. Plates raised up from the surface of her skin. Her neck grew longer. Her shoulders and hips expanded and cracked as a tail poked out from behind them. Her hands grew claws, and she fell forward onto all fours. Her spinal cord stretched and her back grew larger. Her shoulder blades separated, and half of them grew out into leathery, folded wings. Her nose and jaw grew out into a long snout. Her eyes turned ice blue. Her tightly-worn clothes faded away with her humanoid body.

She completed the morph. The body appeared to be a cross between a huge panther and a small dragon. She coughed, and a lick of blue fire came from between the long white jaws of the creature.

<Aidan, could you, er, strap my pack on me...please?> she asked apologetically.

Aidan obliged, strapping the pack on between the dragon-panther's wings.

"Depends how fast you froze," Aidan replied to Matt.

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