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((Posting when dead tired. Please forgive any errors x_x))

SSD Vigilance

*Luthen looks horrified*

Reletha Darkstar will never forgive this error...

*Her hand darts to her blaster. She pulls it out of the holster and points the barrel at her head. Before she can pull the trigger, Starr telekinetically pulls it from her hand*



Blade: We've located the signal. *She brings up a map on the monitor*

Rwos: Pull out a moment? *The Blade complies* That's near Coruscant space.

Blade: There's something else. We're detecting a large warp in reality centered nearly right on top of the Exectioner signal. *She zooms in closer* And look, the warp's center appears to be mobile. It almost seems to be...human-shaped.


Assassins' Lair

Aren: *to Gamma* No more than a half hour or so, unless you were a full cyborg doing a complete rehaul. The equipment here is very power-intensive, so I recommend you take our power supplies. They've been known to last centuries. If you want to use an ordinary cyborg or droid power source, you'll have to recharge every few weeks or even days depending on how much power you use. You're free to do that too of course if you want.

*She walks out of the room and takes the group to the last door. This room is absolutely enormous and completely white*

Aren: This is the simulation room. Believe it or not, it's in compact mode. *She turns to a panel by the door on the inside wall, and takes off a handheld device attached to the panel by a cord* Computer, Demo Coruscant rooftops program, ceiling 200 units.

*The entire room begins expanding. The floor drops away, leaving only a square section attached to the door for the group to stand on.

The room begins to fill up with colors and shapes, forming itself into a complete replica of a section of Coruscant buildings, stretching off into the distance as if they were really on Coruscant itself. The floor section becomes a skyscraper roof, and finally the only thing spoiling the illusion was the still-open door*

Aren: This is the simulation room. If you want to play out how an assassination might go, you can try it here. Of course no simulation can really imitate the real thing, but hey, at least it can double for practice. To use it, tell the computer what you want. If you can project a mental image, it can try to create it. You can create a scenario in the same way.

Questions, or shall we go to Transport?

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