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*Flax and Sellenna have been talking socially when Cracken re-appears.*

Flax: I sense.... A great shift in the Force. The Dark Side, it seems somehow familiar.... CRACKEN!


*Flax sags in his chair.*

Sellenna: He's on Coruscant, or very near.

Flax: All our plans.... If Craken decideds to side with Reletha we're finished. Order the offensive begun immideatly. Prepare my personnal House Gaurd for infiltration.

Sellenna: You can't go yourself, you're too valuable.

Flax: You've read Sophae's reports, she said he was more than a Jedi. If it comes to perrsonal combat I'm the only swordsman who can match him. We'll Spearhead for Coruscant Immidiatly.

Sellenna: Calm down, you can't act while you're thinking like this. We don't have the forces gathered yet.

*Flax deflates again.* We have no choice, whether Cracken signed a treaty or not he is a Sith and sooner or later one of us must die. We'll begin in twelve hours. The attack will commence and we will push for the core. With any luck we'll be at Coruscant in under two weeks. I have to end this war before I need to start a new one.

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