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Darkstar Skyhook

*Reletha swears, filling with anger at the appearance of an old foe thought dead. She pushes the red button.*

Reletha: Admiral Luthen, you have performed well and will be a martyr to the Republic. Did you really think I'd just let you live, Hallifire? Even your mentor's appearance will not save you now. Enjoy your last moments together.

*The controls on the bridge begin to lockdown. Reletha's face vanishes as the comm goes silent. Reletha pushes another comm switch. A young general appears on screen.*

Reletha: General Frozeum, you have just been promoted to admiral of the fleet. Please withdraw all ships from the blast area of the Vigilance, activate gravity wells on your interdictors and deploy all fighters. Destroy ANY ship that tries to leave the sector. Fail me and your predesscessor's death will be far more glamourous than than yours.


Gamma: This is an incredible get up. What wonders await us in transport?


Hyperspace, Mid Rim

Deac: It's still a fair few days to Obroa-Skai. How are you sure that that's where the cult will go?

Syrnl: It was part of their manifesto-

*Both suddenly jolt*

Deac: Cracken. I've not felt anything that strong since the Aesir Holocaust.

Syrnl: Cracken...hardly knew him. Palpatine kept him quiet. Is this good or bad?

Deac: I don't know...but he seems quite emotional. Let's just hope it's not us he's after...

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