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((Deac: If that is the case then Atredis is destroyed. The Stars didn't just turn off, they went Nova...))

Heimdall: Hate is a very powerful word Orthos, be careful with the use of it. Now observe this Sith.

*The head of the sith lifts and flys back onto his body reattaching itself slightly off center. Flesh forms over the parts that where still left open (in other words the places where the head didn't cover entirly). The Sith then woke again and quickly died from exposure*

Idona: If removing the head was all it took then there would be no Sith on this planet. However, as you can see it doesn't work. You can spend all day chopping them to bits and still they will not stay dead. Now ignore this Sith, we can no longer delay.

Svafa: This one isn't worth the effort anyways, not even his own masters think he is worth saving. They have had plenty of opportuntiy to rescue him but they haven't.

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