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Don't even hope they'll change the existing maps RADICALLY. Nobody wants to download a 1 gb patch, and pandemic wouldnt start at redoing the maps either.

New item;

AAT Splash damage.

I just played clones vs CIS, mos eisley. I took the AAT and got a KDR of 24-1 (died once, took tank again). What can I say? Well first of all the tank looks weird in mos eisley. Secondly, splash damage is way too high. I just needed to shoot 2 m next to them and it was a hit, i'd decrease splash damage on infantry to not make vehicles all-powerful, and stimulate them to fight other vehicles instead of infantry.

Why would a vehcile wage war with another one, and have a 50% chance of winning and gaining a kill, rather than harassing dozens of infantry that spawns.

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