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*The group continues on leaving behind the lone Sith his painful cycle of reviving and death.*

Heimdall: It's not that simple Raschel. It all depends on the objective of each side and their tatics and assumptions. Advanced Cultures tend to fight and expect to fight other advanced cultures so they may not be prepared for low tech traps the cave-men can engineer. The objective is especially important since if the spacemen want the cave-men's planet intact orbital bombardment may not be an option. Also you must define what it means to win, for instance. IF the spacemen want to enslave the cave-men and the cavemen put up such a fight to be entirely exterminated who is the real winner?

Idona to Marin: It's not an actual sea. Rather it is a place where part of our army clashed with part of the Sith army. The results of the battle is what we call the Red Sea.

*Thirty-one minutes later the group cressed a hill and before them was vast stretch of snow covered land dyed red*

Idona: This is the Red Sea that I spoke of.

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