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PC Suggestion: Version number listed on main menu

It would be nice if the version number were listed in a corner of the main menu. I know stuff like this was probably taken out for console Beta versions but it's nice for PC players to know what version they are currently patched to, in case we aren't up with current versions and need to know at some point. Every other game has it and it's useful... so if you stop playing for a while or whatever and all of a sudden can't join servers with an odd error (wrong version) you can figure out which version you have and which patch(es) you need to install.

So on a clean install it would say "1.00" in the bottom right corner. With the latest patch it would say "1.00a"

Consoles wouldn't need this because they don't have to actively patch their games. It always stays current, I believe.

I thought that's what the "1.0" was on the initial "Multiplayer" screen but it still says 1.0 even though I patched. Might be something else...

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