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Re: Weapons Thread

Originally posted by Firemann816
I lIke the Empire, so have been playing as a trooper.
I like the regular troopers blaster best, good fire rate, and easy to aim where I need.

I found I like wearing that jet pack of the Dark Trooper. Dont know much about his rifle
Seems like I'll get the crosshairs on some rebel scum and they'll go red, I'll blast and he struts on by, and sometimes fires back or lobs a greneade at me.

I have observed that sometimes the crosshairs look like this
(( )) and other times like this
( )
Sloppy aim on the (( )) crosshairs seems to work occasionally and sometimes I dont get a kill until they go ( )

Anyone got any pointers about this, or if anyone bought the official game publications, would they please enlighten me?

I really like that jet pack on the RenVar Maps and Bespin platforms

Thanks for any help
I find the Jet trooper and the Dark trooper hard to get kills with. Me personally, i hate getting into firefights with these characters, as i usually cant keep up with the rate of fire.. my finger gets tired clicking the mouse

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