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Making it PC friendly

Its no mystery that PC gamers are less then satisfied with the current build of game. The game has lot of promise, but has a feel of a PC FPS game that came out 4 years ago. The lack luster in-game browser has a lot to do with it, but not all. The game uses many antiquated FPS gameplay devices, and is missing many of the new ones we PC gamers have come accustomed to. This is most likely because the game was developed as console game first and then ported over to PC, but somehow devs did not have the time to alter the game for the PC audience's tastes (deadline restriction perhaps).

The good news is that many of the fixes are relatively easy, and require simple alterations in variables already present within the programing code of the game. I'll list the main ones.

1. One issue is the strafing and backpeddling speeds of the characters. The speed is faster then most recent FPS games that have come out. Since strafing is so fast it becomes a viable tactic to simple strafe back and forth to avoid being shot. When players get locked up in a strafe war it then becomes a competition on who has the better connection rather then skill and tactics.

- Solution: A simple modification in the strafing and backpeddling speed.

2. Another issue is that Prone and Crouch positions seem to have almost no effect on aim. Sure going into these positions makes you a hard to hit target, but strafing back and forth makes you even harder to hit...AND you have just as good an aim. There needs to be a noticeable advatage in aim when standing still, crouching and prone when compared to running.

- Solution: The code for this fix is already in the game. Im sure you have noticedd that your aim faulters when shooting for too long. Simply have system where when running the aim faulters after a couple shots (promoting burst firing). When standing still 3-5 shots. Crouching 10. Going prone will nver faulter the aim. These are just examples.

For the sniper gun implement a similar system. When prone the bullet hits the center of the reticle every time. While crouched less so...and so on.

3. Blaster guns in general (infantry's main weapon, all the back-up pistols, droidekas/ wookies main gun ect..) take too many shot to get a kill. Its very unsatifing shooting someone 3-4 times only for them to turn around and kill you in one shot with a rocket launcher. Currently, it takes 6 shots to the torso or 2 shots to the head to get a kill. For the Wookie/Droideka it take 9 shots the torso. This promotes a type of gameplay where running around meatshielding and gernade spaming is a viable option. This type of gameplay died a long time ago in PC games.

- Solution: This is probably the easiest fix of all, but which will have a very profound effect on gameplay. A shot to the head should be a kill. There is nothing wrong with awarding a good shot. Around 3 shots to the torso would do nicely as well.

FYI - Blaster pistols and blaster rifles (including blaster cannons and Wookie/droideka gun) all do the same amount of dame per shot (just different fire rates). So an improvement on blaster damage would improve almost every class.

4. The ability to tumble roll is very handy and fun. I love being able to dodge a gernade or rocket at the last second with a well timed roll. But the ability to tumble roll non stop with no pause creates a situation similar to "bunny hopping". I could go on, but quite simply it does not belong is a modern PC FPS game. I really hope you can all see this, and spare me the long winded explanation .

- Solution: add a small pause between each roll. Something like 3 seconds should do it.

With the above modifications to build on as a base, SWB should have the potential to grow and expand with the PC community similar to the BF games.
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