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Originally posted by NCIceman
Somebody hit the nail on the head, there needs to be a POINT to blowing the shield generators, and blowing the bunker on Endor. I think it's supposed to deny the enemy a spawn.

Hoth isn't the unwinnable Hoth map I have an issue with, there's the other map on Hoth with AT-AT and the temple looking base where there AREN'T snowspeeders where I see the rebels get stomped and camped every time....THAT map needs work.
The reason for doing it was cause they tried doing it in the films, Endor was because they wanted the shield down on the death star and on the empire strikes back they needed to destroy the shield generator as it was strong enough to protect the echo base from any bombardment. On endor (on x-box demo anyway :P) once the bunker is blown up the number of imperials allowed to die decreases constantly till it gets to 0.
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