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Originally posted by Cyclone7

-Better voting system.

In the game Savage, when you vote to kick or mute someone, it tells you to hit F1 for yes or F2 for now. How do we vote in this game again? Also I like how Savage votes are based on who actually votes, not how many are on the server.
EXACTLY. Even though F1 and F2 are now used for "follow me" etc, it would be very nice to have voting then until you have chosen an option. When you include a good voting system i hope,

1) majority of voters makes the change in decision, not if voters are majority of all players

2) after you vote the voting box dissapears a little bit, dont want to see a big box the entire time

new suggestion

-Recon droid gets refreshed after sniper gets ammo

I just played a few games, as an assassin droid, hid me behind an ammo droid in theed, and fired 10 orbital strikes before one person knew where i was.

- disastrous massacre, only one spawn left and i just bombarded it, they dont have a chance to go further

I don't think the recon droid should be refreshed for this issuie. Also, even though i layed there for 5 minutes someone else with 1 minute got the camper award. Apparently because i moved with the recon droid i wasnt recorded as a camper

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