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I even got 3 kills with the blaster from the recon. I just blast em before i call it just to make sure they got some damage and suffer from the splash damage of the strike

Jet troopers always had me quick, best method is to run away backwards and blast at it. Never run towards it. Also, one therm under it destroys it as well.

This was handy though in rhen var citadel, as we only had one spawn inside and i just kept on calling strikes near the stairs so they couldnt use that way anymore. Still, snipers should only get 1 recon IMO

sniping is a bit hard cause they move in little shocks though. As assault it doesnt matte rmuch for precision...

Also, recon didnt get recorded for camper but i also got the dead eye award for calling orbital strikes. I don't think this should happen either because i dont really aim the strikes right. Its nt rly about accuracy

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