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1. Actually it becomes a competition of who has the better leading aim. I think the strafing is fine. Probably should be slowed down a little for realism but not by much.

2. Yes they definitely need to change some accuracy issues. Prone and crouch are only useful for cover (on maps like Yavin Temple, Endor, etc.)

3. Definitely. Should take ~3-4 shots to kill someone. I am almost never the blaster class because I'd rather spam mines with my rocket or snipe people (one shot kill)

4. Yes, someone was doing this last night and it was ridiculous. There needs to be a pause after you tumble roll where it's like getting up from prone. You can't shoot and can't move. Something like that.

Another problem: headshotting someone as Rebel sniper doesn't kill them! I haven't tested this fully but it seems to take 2 shots no matter what. I have only been Rebel sniper a few times but I was on Cloud City and it was laggy but last night I couldn't seem to get a 1-shot-kill.

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