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-When you selected a spawn, but want to change spawn and do so, sometimes the timer will restart, and sometimes it wont. Would like to have it keep counting rather than restarting the respawn timer (yes, i select spawns before my timer runs out)

-The 1.00a patch made it that you cant see ping unless you click on server and wait, but if you click on a server it will remain selected. this is a great improvement though there is big room for more. Servers come on quicker as well. Unfortunately of the wrong information, patch was an improvement. Still, as many may know still somewhat uncompatible with 3rd party programs, which is for pc gamers a downside. I know 3rd party doesnt equal pandemic problems, it seems to come for the in-game browser anyways. When using 3rd party, always need to skip the intro logos, select profile and gamespy. Is it possible to avoid all this? (especially profile, use last one selected? I dont want to start up the game with profile either)

-A better autoassign. Now when playing with friends, most servers are autoassign. I'd rather have a better balancing system that runs in the game (instead of blocking newcomers to choose teams) so i can still play with my friend. For example, you can't join the other team if it has more players. this way its still possible to play together if we join the team with the lesser players. I know almost always play against him instead

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