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map ideas?

I know that mod/map editing tools are a little while off (not too long hopefully), but i was wondering what you guys had in mind for maps that you would like to see or do when pandemic does release the tools.

I stated in another thread that i would like to do some maps based off the clone wars cartoon. I think a really great map would be where the republic attacks that city and the arc troopers have to fight throughout the city in order to secure that huge tower.

Another map would be the battle of calamari with the star destroyers on the water and you fight against the seperatists under water. How i can get that to work would be a good question, though as i just thought of it. Plus i think it would be awesome to have kit fisto fight alongside you somehow.

One more idea i had was one based off the omaha beach map in bf 1942 only with that star wars feel. i would have skiffs and speeders to ride toward the beach as opposed to boats. Also i would need a large sail barge or a star destroyer for republic troops to spawn from. Then i'd have seperatists instead of nazis shooting from towers down at republic troops. Also instead of a tank, i'd have seperatist tanks. I would also implement vehicles that take off from the barges or star destroyers.

I have more ideas that i'm writing down that will hopefully make it into the map pack. A big factor for these getting made is the ease of use of the editor, as hopefully we can drag and drop certain aspects to make building maps easier. Also i would hope that people jump on the bandwagon and make new models and such as i have no experience in modelling. If someone could make a scale size republic star destroyer that would be great, although it doesn't have to have that much detail but just enough for it to look recognizable and have troops run round in it. I made quite a few unreleased test maps for JA, though so i do have a bit of experience in terms of level design, layout, and a bit of scripting so hopefully no worries there.

Another thing i will emphasize is scale as i want these maps really big so that you can have room to dogfight and not leave the map easily and have to traverse a bit in order to get to the battle. Imagine speeding across the ocean in a speeder bike, whie being shot at by enemy forces. doesn't that sound awesome? You can't really do that in the retail game but the vehicles and weapons are there so i know it can be done. Also it would be nice to know if anyone knows the mile radius of some of the bigger maps in bf 1942 so i can make same size maps.
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