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The selecting a profile should be gotten rid of. It should auto-select the one I last selected, as you suggested. I've been meaning to mention this but it's low on the totem poll. Having to choose it just puts another barrier in the way of me doing what I actually want to do.

If I want to change profile, I can do it via Options or whereever it is.

Yes, autobalance should work like CounterStrike's. Once you join, if the teams are even, you can choose any side. If Imps has less than Rebels you should be put on Imps and left there till you change maps. Once you change maps, it should restart. People can join whichever side they want till there's one side with too many. The current system just isn't good. Could be better. I am an Imperial guy and I hate joining auto-assign servers where I have to be Rebel and then am forced to be Rebel from there-on-out.

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