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the best STRATEGY is wait until the bugs are out

This Is The Worse Mess I Have Ever Seen
BattleFront is undoubtedly the absolute worst game I have ever seen
Why even bother trying to play the damn thing you cant connect to anyone
This thing has so many bugs not even God him self could have created so many different varities

The interface is a mess
trying to scroll through a list of multiplayer games is impossible
let alone trying to connect up

In trying to create a server, this must work on some distant planet other than earth. Because myself and 2 of my friends tried on several different machines and never could get one where we could connect

We run 8 JK2 and JA rooms dedicated servers
we run 7 HL, Counter Strike and Natural Selections servers
we run 10 different websites --- we are not that dumb
But Starwars BattleFront ?????? NO WAY
This is the worst nightmare I have ever come across

All I can say is where do we get our money back?
I dont think they can come up with enough patches to save this disaster

and talk about computer resources --
Well perhaps Bill Gates and the Pentagon can play the game ... but anyone making under a 100 Gs a month probably wont be able to afford the equipment necessary to run this dinosaur

If I sound critical ... I am not even getting started

Do you people even beta test these things??

We are making posts on our site not recommending this game How could Lucas Arts allow such a disaster

after 2 weeks an $50 bucks I am going to line my catbox with the pages from the manual thats the only good thing I can say about this

They should have paid less attention on the real to life movie clips
and more about the game
If I wanted real life I will watch the news
People want good graphics but not movie clips in a game

I think they tried to compete with LOR and HL and missed on all accounts

of course this is the PC version I am talking about.... maybe its only for PS2s or Xboxes

and the marriage of GameSpy to this game is a tragic mistake
talk about another dinosaur
these two belong married to each other.....

Next time I suggest taking the consumer into account

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