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Yep. Look at BF Vietnam, and compare it to this game.

Cmon now folks... Let's get this thing on track and away from the dumbed down 16 player console shooter it's been released as. This thing needs to be optimized for a much larger player base, with much more consistent gameplay designs.

Every one of Outlaw's suggestions need to be approved and implemented. As well as the following suggestions:


- Display the NAMES of the other players in the same vehicle as you on your screen (in a vehicle shaped icon). Let us know who our co-pilot is.

- Give us an option to Auto-switch to 3rd person view whenever we enter a vehicle (and back to 1st person when we exit).

- Allow us to hit TAB while we wait to respawn. Is there a better time to check scores? Not that I know of.

- Decrease the rocket launchers area of affect but raise it's damage, and increase the std. blasters' rates of fire. This shift will promote the RL's to be used in thier primary anti-armor role instead of the current Quake-like attacks against infantry. (This included w/ Outlaws suggestions regarding damage levels will have a huge effect on how this game is played).

- Increase the Rate of Fire significantly for all turrets and/or gun implacements. These things need to be devastating so they become the cornerstones of every map. Let players build strategies around them. No more "put, put, put" laser blasts. Let us mow enemies down!
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