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- Decrease the rocket launchers area of affect but raise it's damage, and increase the std. blasters' rates of fire. This shift will promote the RL's to be used in thier primary anti-armor role instead of the current Quake-like attacks against infantry. (This included w/ Outlaws suggestions regarding damage levels will have a huge effect on how this game is played).

I don't know how extensively you've played as a missile trooper but the area of effect isn't THAT big at all for Imperials and Clones. I have shot RIGHT NEXT to someone and they won't die. Get injured, sure but the damn thing hit so close they should be stunned/thrown. The area of effect is fine. Only a direct shot kills. Keep moving and it's not a problem. Just avoid my mines

- Increase the Rate of Fire significantly for all turrets and/or gun implacements. These things need to be devastating so they become the cornerstones of every map. Let players build strategies around them. No more "put, put, put" laser blasts. Let us mow enemies down!

Yes, I HEAVILY agree with this and have totally overlooked it in my postings. Let's face it. Turrets are useless right now. Getting in one is just asking to be rocketed/shot/annihilated. They don't have any effect. I love it when someone gets in, I just shoot them to death. Turrets do so little damage, the shot takes time to get there, the refire rate is like once a second, and they are immobile. Only turrets I like are the ones on the poles in Yavin Temple and those are designed so that their area of sight is highly limited. Make the turrets better. But not dominant Balance first.

- Give us an option to Auto-switch to 3rd person view whenever we enter a vehicle (and back to 1st person when we exit).

Oh man would I love this. I am a FPSer at heart but the third person view in vehicles is totally fun. But I COMPLETELY forget to use it! No way I'm gonna be third person as infantry (not real, harder to aim, etc.) but 3rd person auto-perspective would be a great control feature. Hopefully I'll just get better at hitting Q. 3rd person is much better for maneuvering on maps like Endor and in vehicles like AT-ST and speederbike.

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