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Originally posted by Firemann816
its not quite as accurate and controllable as 'top' on Linux
but its Windows
so just help me beg Pandemic for server binaries for Linux and some decent admin controls -
it would be nice to auto-kick a team killer after his second team kill.
(One for accidental friendly fire - 2nd kill youre either sloppy or evil)

GL with the server,
Im going to build one on Win2K just to get familiar with it while hoping for a linux binary soon.
I'd NEVER place a windows box on the net 24x7 since I cant babysit it all the time like these professional game server admins.
(Ive got a day job and family and this thing would be 0wn3d in no time)

Cheers all
same here but i run alot of dedicated servers from home with the bandwith i have and this one does crash more then the others but it's been running smoothly considereing all the hype .
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