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Originally posted by Lynk Former
Anakin was the only one of the three to have such a wierd situation. Obi and Yoda died when they died and they accepted who they were when they died.
IIRC, so did Vader/Anakin.

He asks Luke to "help me take this mask off", so that he may "look on you with my own eyes."

When Luke says "I've got to save you." he says "You already have, Luke."

"Tell your sister, you were right about me... you were right."

"Now go, my son, leave me."

He even smiles! I'd say that's pretty telling that Anakin accepted who he was, and his fate, and died in peace.

As far as appeance is concerned, Luke wouldn't recognize him as he appeared (in the new version), that's another reason it seems odd. I suppose if a ghost can choose his appearance he could have made himself look like his friend Jar Jar Binks if he wanted (George, please, that was a joke! Noooooo!!!!)

If it was something to do with when he "went over to the Dark Side" that begs the question of when that took place. Was it when he slaughtered the Tusken Raiders? Was it during the events of the second season of the "Clone Wars" animated series? Or was it when he first donned the Vader mask (as we presume is going to happen in Episode III)? To me his slip into the Dark Side is more a progression or a path than he suddenly wakees up one morning and says "EVIL!!!!!" : )

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