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...if you're right up against a wall, the distance between you and the point of impact is 0, thus it's a direct hit. That's why you die. There is SOME splash, but the range of that splash is not an unfair amount. The blast does not have to hit the body of the player, that's not what I meant. But the result is that you can't just shoot it in the general vicinity and kill in one hit. It requires some aim and use of the terrain. Requiring a direct hit makes no sense anyway. And the current blast radius that encompasses a kill is very small. There's no way to quantify it but it's fine. It couldn't be any smaller and make a degree of sense. Making it any smaller WOULD be requiring a direct hit, which doesn't make sense. It's an explosive blast.

If a rocket troop is near enough to you to take you out like that, you probably just haven't done your job (shooting him down before he gets close to you).

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